SAE 50

Product Description:


Superior quality mono-grade/multi-grade engines oils formulated with carefully selected performance additives and blended in high quality base stock to achieve a wide range of API grades and SAE standards. These oils ensure easy cold start and fuel economics due to their high fluidity of low temperatures and very resistant oil film at high temperatures. Recommended for gasoline engines both naturally aspirated and turbocharged.



Can be used in the following.

-          All gasoline engines, cars and light vans.

-          Light duty diesel engines.


Features & Benefits:

-          High level of detergency and dispersancy minimizes sludge formation leading to cleaner engines.

-           Good thermal stability and oxidation resistance preventing any premature damage at high temperatures.

-          Reduced internal friction leading to improved fuel economy. Shear stability ensures satisfactory lubrication in service, both hot and cold.


Specifications & Approvals:

-          API SB/CB-SC/CC-SF/CD-SJ/CF-SJ/CF-4

-          Available in synthetic blends and mineral categories.

-          Available in both mono-grades and multi-grade formulations.