Product Description:

ATP is low viscosity oil with a high viscosity index designed for use in transmissions been specified. It is manufactured from the latest additive technology and advanced hydrocracked base oils along with a viscosity where DEXRON II or DEXRON II fluids have modifier to minimize shear loss and provide outstanding performance throughout the life of the fluid, it is available in red color, is compatible with seals and has no effect on nonferrous metals like copper or alloys.



-          Automatic transmissions requiring DEX ! and DEX II fluids.

-           Power steering systems.

-          Hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulic clutches.


Features & Benefits:

-          Superior wear protection.

-          Excellent resistance to oxidation and deposit formation.

-          Compatible with wide range of seal material.

-           Smooth gear change.

-          Improved fuel economy and power transmission.