Product Description:

These ore high quality lubricants catering to manual transmission requirements in most passenger cars and light trucks. They are blended from highly refined base stock and EP additives to offer maximum protection to gear boxes and differentials. They offer optimum protection against wear and scoring and high quality base oils make sure extended drain intervals ensuring prolonged protection and reduced oil consumption.



Can be used in all land based petrol engines including.

-          Mechanical transmission systems operating in severe conditions.

-           Gear boxes and differentials of majority of passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and off-road equipment.


Features & Benefits:


-          Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.

-          Optimized lubrication and protection of hypoid and non-hypoid axels.

-          Outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

-          Carefully designed frictional properties with base components selected to reduce fuel consumption.

-          Longer drain intervals.

-          Excellent low temperature performance.


Specifications & Approvals:

-          API GL4/GLS

-          Available in fully synthetic, synthetic blends and mineral categories.